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  • Bulk SMS

  • Whether it is sending personalized text messages or scheduling for sending later or at a specified rate of pace to a contact list, you can easily and effectively reach millions of people in seconds.
  • Mass Mailing

  • You can use our mass mailing feature for composing emails which will greatly help towards taking your business to new levels of profitability.
  • Outbox and Sent

  • Recently sent messages can be viewed in the Outbox or Sent sections, along with sent/fail status details of campaign messages and individual messages from bulk messages.
  • Receive SMS

  • Your customers can reach out instantly by simply texting into your short/long codes. Whether it is setting auto response, STOP response, managing replies or scheduling keyword-specific inbox reports, it is all very easy!
  • Survey and Web Form Builder

  • You can easily go about the creation, editing and management of data capture forms and surveys, followed by attaching them in SMS campaigns, and using our effective reporting tools for instantly gathering responses.
  • Tracking Campaigns

  • Keep track of your mobile marketing campaigns with easy tracking of detailed click activity and submissions for surveys inserted within SMSs.
  • It’s Enterprise-Friendly

  • Whether it is role management, multi-user accounts, message templates, bespoke services or credit assignment, it is all enterprise-friendly.
  • Managing Contact List

  • Whether it is management of contacts, bulk/individual addition of contacts, or creating, editing and deleting contact groups, it is all very simple!
  • Easy SMS API Code

  • For connecting your software to every mobile phone around the globe, all you need are 5 lines of code. Whether it is sending a one-2-one/one-2-many message or retrieving statuses for one-2-many, it really is very easy!
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